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Put your paws together for

Jim the Wonder Dog!

Come and discover what makes Jim the Wonder Dog special. Dig into his story, donate to his tail, and fetch merchandise and a membership! Thank you for sharing in this unbelievable story.

Wonder Dog

Jim the Wonder Dog is the Official Wonder Dog of Missouri.

The Governor of Missouri signed a bill making Jim the Wonder Dog “Missouri's Wonder Dog”. We are pleased that Jim has finally been recognized by the state where Jim lived his life. The story of Jim has been well known throughout the state for many years, but now he is truly “Missouri's Wonder Dog”.

Read the story at the Marshall Democrat-News


A short "tail" of my life

Jim the Wonder Dog was beyond the average pup. In addition to being a champion hunter, he knew much more than “roll over” and “sit”. Jim understood foreign languages and predicted the future. 

Wag your tail and howl for this charming canine and his marvelous life!

Friends of Jim Snapshots


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For the Kids

Play and explore fun games for the kids!


Marshall Welcome Center and Jim the Wonder Dog Museum & Garden

101 N Lafayette, Marshall, MO 65340

Jim the Wonder Dog Grave Site

804 E Yerby, Marshall, MO

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